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I didn't have to do a whiteboard code test for my in-person interview! Pros At SLC, there are no deadlines and there is no micromanagement.

Management is transparent and looks out for everyone. I wouldn't go through this commute every day if I didn't think this company was worth it.

Crunch is NOT a thing here, unlike most other game studios! Other than that, keep doing what you're doing.

(probably not a guaranteed thing for all interviewees, but at the very least, they totally understand if you don't personally perform well in those kinds of tests)Pros Everyone works hard which inspires you to work hard as well. This is great, but it doesn't mean people are there wasting time.

Management is direct, friendly and cares about a good work/life balance. Definitely one of the best companies I've worked for! Work moves quickly and everything you work on is something that will be released. There are no nerf gun fights or regular catered lunches, and the office is pretty quiet overall.

Pros This company really cares about it's employees. There is plenty of room for growth and everybody has a voice. While this is a con for some, not having to deal with "bro culture" and getting bigger bonuses instead of free lunches is a pro for me.

Some departments allow their employees to work from home whenever they want, while others limit the number of days allowed.

Team based interviews (entire team has to approve of potential new hires). Advice to Management Would be nice if everyone in the office had equal work from home opportunities.

Pros- Every person here is relaxed, flexible, professional, with a healthy sense of humor.- Highly efficient office mindset - very little tolerance for time-wasting nonsense.

No prolonged meetings, no real distractions.- Awesomely transparent in business plans and goals.- Very flexible work from home policy, there is absolutely no reason for anyone under the weather to be physically in-office getting other people sick.- Company leadership is brilliant but subtle, and would gladly explain any decision they've made.

I totally trust the higher-ups to continue making the best decisions.

Pros- Good location, in Market district- Very good pay.- Benefits include above-average time off, health, dental, and vision insurance.- Excellent communication.