группа dead or alive

Syn: body, carcass, corpse, cadaver all refer to a physical organism, usu. body denotes the material substance of a human or animal, either living or dead: the muscles in a horse's body; the body of an accident victim.

Carcass means the dead body of an animal, unless applied humorously or contemptuously to the human body: a sheep's carcass; Save your carcass. refers to the dead body of a human being: preparing a corpse for burial. a human one used for scientific study: dissection of cadavers in anatomy classes.

Examples: body of inferior clergy, 1732; of cold air; of dialects, 1875; of disciples of Christ, 1886; of discourse, 1599; of divinity, 1659; of facts; of horse, 1769; of laws, 1699; of light; of natural history, 1711; of opinion; of philosophers, 1647; of precepts, 1860; of principles, 1860; of scriptures, 1593; of troops.chassis, bod, human body, material body, physical body, physique, build, anatomy, figure, flesh, frame, shape, soma, form - alternative names for the body of a human being; "Leonardo studied the human body"; "he has a strong physique"; "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"Christendom, Christianity - the collective body of Christians throughout the world and history (found predominantly in Europe and the Americas and Australia); "for a thousand years the Roman Catholic Church was the principal church of Christendom"governance, governing body, organisation, administration, brass, establishment, organization - the persons (or committees or departments etc.) who make up a body for the purpose of administering something; "he claims that the present administration is corrupt"; "the governance of an association is responsible to its members"; "he quickly became recognized as a member of the establishment"colony, settlement - a body of people who settle far from home but maintain ties with their homeland; inhabitants remain nationals of their home state but are not literally under the home state's system of government; "the American colony in Paris"ulama, ulema - the body of Mullahs (Muslim scholars trained in Islam and Islamic law) who are the interpreters of Islam's sciences and doctrines and laws and the chief guarantors of continuity in the spiritual and intellectual history of the Islamic communitymilitia - the entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service; "their troops were untrained militia"; "Congress shall have power to provide for calling forth the militia"--United States Constitutioncadaver, corpse, remains, stiff, clay - the dead body of a human being; "the cadaver was intended for dissection"; "the end of the police search was the discovery of a corpse"; "the murderer confessed that he threw the stiff in the river"; "honor comes to bless the turf that wraps their clay"arse, ass, behind, buns, buttocks, hind end, hindquarters, keister, nates, posterior, prat, derriere, fanny, rear end, tooshie, tush, seat, fundament, backside, bottom, rump, stern, tail end, tail, rear, bum, can, butt - the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on; "he deserves a good kick in the butt"; "are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?

"structure, construction - a thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts; "the structure consisted of a series of arches"; "she wore her hair in an amazing construction of whirls and ribbons"completely, wholeheartedly, totally, perfectly, entirely, absolutely, altogether, thoroughly, wholly, positively, utterly, every inch, heart and soul, one hundred per cent, in all respects, from first to last, lock, stock and barrel Quotations"The human body is the best picture of the human soul" [Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosophical Investigations]"What we think and feel and are is to a great extent determined by the state of our ductless glands and our viscera" [Aldous Huxley Music at Night]"Body and spirit are twins: God only knows which is which:""The soul squats down in the flesh, like a tinker drunk in a ditch" [Algernon Charles Swinburne The Heptalogia], of these the one is by nature the governor, the other the governed; now if we would know what is natural, we ought to search for it in those subjects in which nature appears most perfect, and not in those which are corrupted; we should therefore examine into a man who is most perfectly formed both in soul and are branches; and the arterial vein (vena arteriosa), inappropriately so denominated, since it is in truth only an artery, which, taking its rise in the heart, is divided, after passing out from it, into many branches which presently disperse themselves all over the lungs; in the second place, the cavity in the left side, with which correspond in the same manner two canals in size equal to or larger than the preceding, viz.

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Хут, Роберт Киркман Сценаристы: Чарли Адлард, Фрэнк Дарабонт, Роберт Киркман Операторы: Майкл Е.

Сатраземис, Ронн Шмидт, Дэвид Бойд Композитор: Беар Мак Крири Художники: Грэм «Грэйс» Уолкер, Грегори Мелтон, Алекс Хайду Монтаж: Джулиус Рамсей, Хантер М.

Вия, Эви Йобиан Сериал является экранизацией одноименной комикс-серии, которая начала выходить в 2003 году.

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Приняло решение заняться историей о колдовстве, рыцарских поединках и схватках с чудовищами.