глобал слотс играть

In this case, you need to download the application of the game client of our casino (“Downloads” tab).

After application download and launch your account is automatically topped up with 50 euros (5 000 credits).

In addition, we give you an opportunity to purchase additional free credits – 20 000 of them arrive into your account after 2 euros payment. 70 000 credits at the price of 5 euros, 150 000 credits at the price of 10 euros.

To do so, you need to be aware of the following features of our system.

1) Payment of the credits and payment of a win is performed directly via the administrator of a game system – for this purpose, it is necessary to contact us through the technical support system (“contacts” tab or a chat in the bottom of the screen).

2) All payments and returns to player are performed via Bitcoin payment system.

Deposit of funds on your Bitcoin-wallet or funds transfer to the administrator can take 30 minutes to 1-2 hours that is due to the features of this payment system.

In order to transfer of your own funds to bitcoin system, use the following resources First, you shall contact the administrator of the system (use “contacts” tab or a chat on this website).

You will receive the most detailed instruction of the game client operation, as well as the test access to the system, a bonus of connecting the game hall and the lowest percent of royalty in comparison with other game platforms.

If there are no official representative in your region, the maintenance of your hall is carried out directly, through our technical support.

If you wish to represent the Globalslot Deluxe system in your region, to offer our services to game halls in your country and to receive the guaranteed percent from the profit of all halls connected by you – contact our technical support (“contacts” tab) and stipulate the terms of our partnership with the administrator.

If you become the first representative in the region, you obtain an exclusivity guarantee from our system!